Sedentary lifestyle has become a reality these days especially after the nationwide lockdown was announced. It has given people a safe justification for not involving in fitness activities and staying almost all the time on the couch or bed. During this time, those who are quite outgoing and are feeling bored have found a comfort in food. They use binge-eating as a way to break the monotony. Also Read - Did You Know Lettuce Can Help in Weight Loss And Promote Brain Health?

The unstructured lifestyle has given wings to unhealthy eating habits that includes snacking through the day while watching TV or just having a conversation. Notably, binge-eating is a compulsive behaviour that is characterised by uncontrollable urge to have food. Though you feel guilty after stocking your tummy with unhealthy stuffs, you really feel unable to restrict this habit. Also Read - Simple Workout Equipments You Require During Nationwide Lockdown to Track Your Weight Loss Goal

According to researchers in the field, binge-eating can potentially cause mental and behavioural problems. From causing weight gain to cardiovascular problems to diabetes, binge-eating do all sorts of bad things to you. To help you out amidst this crisis situation and prevent occurrence of health complications, here are certain practical tips that can help you control your urge of over snacking. Also Read - Weight Loss: Craziest Diets That Were Popularly Used in The Past

Understand your hunger signs

Whenever you wish to have some snacks during lockdown, ask yourself if you are really hungry. If you find out that it is actually an urge to eat out or boredom, you need to stop there and distract your mind. Do anything that interests you except eating. This way, your brain will be able to give you real hunger cues.

Drink water as much as possible

Drinking enough water can not only keep you hydrated but also keep you satiated and prevent overeating. As per the experts in the field, we actually sometimes mistake thirst as hunger. So, every odd time when you feel hungry, you need to grab a glass of water and have the zero-calorie drink.

Hide unhealthy snacks

When you won’t see snacks that create cravings, you won’t feel an urge to have them. So, hiding snacks can do wonders when it comes to avoid binge-eating. Additionally, you can go for healthy snacking option in case you feel like.