A sedentary lifestyle and busy schedule have made weight loss, a far-sighted dream for many. But you don’t need to worry about anything. If you are juggling between your personal and professional life and not getting enough time to hit a gym, there are a certain easy-to-do exercises that you can perform at home and burn around 200 calories in less than 3 minutes. Yes you read it right. Also Read - Weight Loss: Practical Tips to Control Habit of Unhealthy Snacking During The Lockdown

Here we will talk about a few intense physical exercises that you can do at your home even during current lockdown and get a body of your dreams. Read on to know about them. Also Read - Did You Know Lettuce Can Help in Weight Loss And Promote Brain Health?

Mountain climbers

Start with a high plank position. Make sure your back is in a straight line and hands are under your shoulders. Also, keep toes tucked in. Now, bring your left knee to your chest by bending it and then take to its original position. Repeat the same action with your right leg. Keep doing it for at least 3 minutes and then resume the original position. Also Read - Simple Workout Equipments You Require During Nationwide Lockdown to Track Your Weight Loss Goal


Firstly, get into a crouch position. Then, keep your hands between your legs on the ground. Now, get into a push up position by slightly jumping and taking feet behind. Low down to push up and the rise. Now, jump to come back to crouch position. Then rise and stand to repeat the positions again.

Jumping jacks

To begin, stand straight on ground keeping your hands by your sides. Make sure your legs are a bit apart from each other. Now jump keeping your legs shoulder-width apart and hands stretched over head. Land on ground keeping feet together and arms by your sides. Repeat the action at least for 3 minutes.