Have you ever came across the term ‘foster girlfriend’? No? Have you ever dated a guy whom you helped to become a better version of himself only to finally get dumped by him and see the person marry another woman? If yes, you have been a foster girlfriend, who seemingly provides free therapy to men and get used by them to eventually help them become mature enough to settle with others.Also Read - Relationship Tips: Here is How You Can Establish an Emotional Connect With Your Partner

Don’t feel bad. You are the one who let this happen to yourself. Yes, you read it right. Nobody can force you to become a foster girlfriend. You choose to be the one. This is a hard-hitting fact that you need to accept. Why do you have to go after somebody who is broken and immature? Why can’t you wait for someone better? Also Read - Relationship Tips: Signs That State, It's Time to Break-up And be Single For a While

When you get involved in a relationship with a man who needs emotional help, you offer too much than required to repair or fix the issue in him. This definitely helps the other person but damages you the most after the breakup. Partying your ways with a person whom you loved a lot hurts the most. Also, what made the man ditch you is not the question you should think of. Instead, be with somebody who doesn’t need any kind of fixing from the beginning. Also Read - Relationship Tips: Here is How to Break-up on Good Terms

If a man is saying at the beginning of the relationship that he is emotionally unavailable, listen to him carefully, and stay away from that person. It is not your responsibility to clear everybody’s mess. Understand your worth and only go with the one who knows your importance in his life as a partner and therefore respects and loves you.