It’s December and yay the party time of the year is back. The week from Christmas to New Year is the time where a lot of social gatherings and public events happen and people drinking alcohol is very common. While many of them consume alcoholic beverages responsibly, binge drinking has become common nowadays among people from all ages. Dr. Lorance Peter, Senior Consultant Gastroenterologist, Columbia Asia Hospital Sarjapur, shares some tips to avoid binge drinking and be healthy. (ALSO READ Top 6 Harmful Effects of Drinking Alcohol).

What is binge drinking?

Binge drinking is where a person drinks alcohol until he/she is totally drunk or intoxicated and this increases the risk of violence, leading to injuries many times. It is also associated with numerous health conditions, which would result in both emotional and economic costs. Drinking 6 units of alcohol in a very short span, say about an hour, would increase the blood alcohol concentration level. But drinking the same amount over several hours, as well as eating food, would incur a less effect on one’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC). Some of the numerous consequences include liver disorders leading to dysfunction, stroke, hypertension and cardiovascular disorders, psychological issues, accidents and unsafe sex increasing the risk of STD.

Here are some safe alcohol consumption tips to avoid binge drinking:

Alcohol consumers should be aware of how much alcohol can be consumed safely and they should start limiting themselves, considering the further consequences. (ALSO READ Top 10 strongest Alcoholic Drinks of the World: From Absinthe to Everclear and beyond!).

It’s always recommended not to refill the glass that is half empty, as it’s difficult to keep a count of the amount of alcohol consumed.

Alcoholic consumption has to be spaced in-between by having a glass of water or soft drinks.

It’s always advisable to avoid party fun games like “rounds” or “shouts”, as this encourages the crowd to keep up with the person who is drinking the fastest, and the chances of binge drinking is always high here.

To avoid excessive alcohol drinking, one has to keep themselves busy by dancing, chatting or having fun, because sitting idle can keep oneself motivated to consume alcohol.

Planning a party- venue which is alcohol-free is always advisable. From the concern of better health, it’s always advisable to cut back on alcohol, which in turn helps in improvised health. Cutting down on alcohol is always beneficial to manage your weight, as some drinks contain high calories. Intoxication also leads to a range of injuries, showcasing poor behavior and also risk one’s mental and physical well-being.