Being an educationist I am often asked what is the right age to send your child to playschool and how do I choose the right school for my child?

What is the right age to send your child to playschool?

The right age is anywhere between 1.5 to 3 years as brain research shows that an average child is born with about 100 billion brain cells. An infant’s brain develops rapidly from birth till 3 years producing 700 new synaptic connections every second. (ALSO READ 5 best brain foods students should eat during exams).

Experts state that toddlers need support to stimulate their learning at a time when their brains develop at twice the rate of adults. If they are not stimulated enough in the years before starting school, the brains can set back by decades.

Factors like child’s relationships, experiences and environment influence the development of the growing brain. All these factors need to be considered while deciding a preschool to ensure there is no stress or push to achieve academic success. (ALSO SEE How to cope with stress and pressure of student life: 5 tips for students to manage stress)

Toddlers’ brains need stimulation – To make the most of these ‘light bulb’ years when toddlers’ brains form connections at double the rate of adults, it is important that they are provided with learning experiences that nurture them in a high- quality preschool.

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