Being loved by someone or being in love with someone is one of the best feelings in the world. Love happens organically. You do not force yourself to get attracted to someone romantically. However, some people just do not understand or relate to this feeling. Such individuals are called aromantic people. The term, ‘aromantic’ describes those who either experience little or no romantic attraction. But, that does not make them asexual. So, do not confuse these two different terms. Here we mention a few signs that can tell if you are aromantic.Also Read - Are You Emotionally Unavailable in a Relationship? Here is How to Fix The Problem

You Feel Difficulty in Relating to Romantic Movies And Books Also Read - Relationship Signs That Tell if You Are With The Right Person

If you find romance in books and movies, unrealistic, you are aromantic. If it seems impossible for you to fall in love with someone the way two characters fall in books or movies, you are aromantic. Also Read - Online Romance Scams on The Rise as Dating Apps Proliferate

You Pretend to Have a Romantic Relationship

In order to fit into the so-called normal society, aromantic people pretend that they are romantic like others and have a love life. Sometimes, even a person makes up an imaginary character and introduces him/her as his/her crush or boyfriend/girlfriend. All this is just to sound normal and be accepted by the people.

You Never Fell For a Person

When you fall in love, you feel butterflies or tingling in your stomach when the person is around you. This feeling is beautiful. If you have never been to this experience, probably you are aromantic.

You Are a Dedicated Friend And Son/Daughter

Aromantic people do not get romantically drawn towards people and therefore they show their affection to their families and friends. If you are aromantic, you must be a dedicated friend and son/daughter.