A relationship is not easy to tackle. It requires a lot of patience, trust, and compromise. Sometimes you may feel like it’s over now and you should better quit but the very next moment you will start feeling guilty of your thoughts. So, it is better to analyse every situation before reacting.Also Read - Relationship Tips: Here is How to Break-up on Good Terms

Your relationship can give you a tough time and a lot of stress especially if your lover starts ignoring you. During such times, you may go through confusion, uncertainty, and even insecurity. And, out of frustration, you may flood your partner’s phone with texts and calls, until he responds. These emotions and acts can be more detrimental to your relationship. Therefore, you should restrain yourself from doing any such thing. Here is what exactly you can do when your partner ignores you for days. Also Read - Reasons Why You Should Not Disclose Your Relationship Status on Social Media?

Be sure about the situation

Sometimes, when you are insecure, you do start having second thoughts about your partner’s loyalty. You may think that your partner doesn’t love you and he doesn’t care for you. You may even think he is cheating on you. All this may be just a false alarm. So, you must be sure if your partner is ignoring you.

Try to find out the reason

If a person who loves you, starts ignoring you, there must be a strong reason behind it. So, instead of reacting to the situation and making impulsive decisions, it is better to find the reason behind the ignorance. Maybe you said something or did something in the past that hurt him unto a point that he started ignoring you. So, it is better to introspect and try to know the probable reason behind the problem.

Give him space

If your partner is ignoring you, let him take time to open up to you. Do not have any judgement about the situation before actually talking to him. You must question him about his action but not now. Just wait for the right time. Meanwhile, stop stressing yourself. Try to divert your attention by investing time in your favourite game or hobby.