We bet you did not see this coming! Actor Ryan Reynolds was seated next to Spider Man star Andrew Garfield at the Golden Globe Awards 2017. And when he was nominated for his performance in superhero hit movie Deadpool at the Golden Globes, the two shared what could possibly be the most passionate kiss of the year 2017. Everyone was surprised by this sudden display of PDA when Ryan Reynolds held his table mate Andrew Garfield by his neck and planted a kiss on his lips when he lost the Golden Globe to Ryan Gosling.

What was even more interesting was the fact that Ryan Reynolds wife Blake Lively sat next to the two broke out into a fit of laughter and cheered them as they grasped each other by the necks and locked their lips in a passionate kiss! This was tagged as the best moment from the Golden Globe Awards 2017. (ALSO READ Did Priyanka Chopra just steal Sofia Vergara’s style at the Golden Globe Awards 2017?).

As the film’s leading stars Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone won the trophies for best actor and actress in a motion picture- musical or comedy at the Golden Globes, Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield made out with each other for their loss!