There are many reasons why your sex life is dull. Break up, work stress, hectic schedules and a lot of travel is some of the many reasons why sex is stalled in many people’s lives.When you are in the phase of sex abstinence, there is a lot that happens to your body. If you didn’t know of it yet, here are the lists of things that happen when you stop having sex for a long time. ALSO READ These are the 6 hottest foreplay moves that men love!

1. Your anxiety will increase

Some studies suggest that people who do not have sex for a long time find it difficult to cope with stress in comparison to those who have sex often.  While having sex, the brain is said to release a chemical call endorphins that plays a big role in making your mood better. So no sex means no chemicals like endorphins and thus it becomes very difficult to cope with any kind of stressful situation. ALSO READ Sex when you are tired: 5 ways to have sex when you are tired AF!

2. Men will be have to be careful of prostate cancer

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Men who haven’t had sex for a very long time will have to watch out for prostate cancer. Several studies say that men who have sex regularly have lesser chances of getting a prostate cancer, by 20 per cent at least.  Ejaculations help eliminate all the harmful substances that may be one of the causes of prostate.  (ALSO SEE Sex positions for sex toys: 6 best sex positions that are apt for your sex toy!)

3. You will be more vulnerable to flu

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Your immune boosting advantages will come to a halt when you stop having sex.   You will be more exposed to germs and you might even fall ill often.  So lesser sex also means falling sick more often.(ALSO READ Best sex positions to try on your honeymoon: 5 sex positions that will spice up your honeymoon!).

4. Lesser risk of UTIs

Most UTIs happen within 24 hours of sex, almost 80 % of them.  While having sex, the bacteria travels to the urethra and that’s what causes infection. So for women, not having sex can prove useful since there will be hardly any UTI problems. ALSO READ Best sex positions for female orgasm: 6 positions for a guaranteed orgasm!

5. If in a relationship, insecurities will just increase

If you are in a relationship and there is very less sex, then chances of insecurities growing is high.  A marriage or relationship without sex is said to be because of lack of love.  There will be fears that your partner may look outside for sex and you will start doubting about his/her feelings for you.  Sex is a form of expression of love and intimacy for several couples. So when there is no sex, even when the reasons are genuine, doubts start creeping into the relationship. (ALSO READ How to give a blow job: 10 tips on how to do it right! ).

6. You might no long feel like having sex

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Longer abstinence from sex may completely take you off from sex. When you haven’t got it for quite sometime, your libido will be affected and you wont just feel like doing it anymore. And this feeling is pretty normal. ALSO READ Best sex positions for female orgasm: 6 positions for a guaranteed orgasm!

7. You might fall out of love

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If you are in a relationship and there is no physical intimacy, you might fall out of love from your partner. You will no longer feel the same connection  and you will start finding other people more attractive than your partner. Before this goes out of hand, you must have a talk about it. ALSO READ These 6 tips are all you need to have the most intense orgasm ever!

This what happens to you and your body when you do not have sex for a very long period of time.