The world has been discussing how Artificial Intelligence (AI)  posed a threat on human kind as it may render a billion of them useless in a time to come. In 2016, Hebrew University lecturer Yuval Noah Harari propagated the idea of ‘rise of useless class because of  AI’, calling it one of the biggest threats of 21st century.Also Read - Wrist-Worn Trackers Combined With AI Can Detect Covid Before Symptoms Appear, Study Finds

While the debate on usefulness of the much-hyped Artificial Intelligence vis-à-vis Homo sapiens is raging, the writer finds the ‘wise man’ a useless creature and without them, the planet earth would have been a better place for others. We, the humans, live under a notion of being superior to all other creatures. We think we control all. We made yardstick, we made milestones, we made goals, we made cut-offs, we invented numbers to classify, compartmentalise and differentiate so that we can create winners and losers, success and failures. We measure everything. All these measurements are our own creation and breaking it is anything but an achievement for there is no joy in breaking records, going miles ahead that we have created for ourselves. Also Read - 'I Feel Pleasure, Joy, Love': Google Engineer Claims Its AI LaMDA Has Emotions; Sent on Leave

However, we are fragile and powerless when it comes to parameters set by ‘’others’’. We fear snakes, we fear wild animals, some of us even develop a cold feet on seeing a rat, a lizard or any tiny reptile. Also Read - Good News For Freshers: This Professional Services Company Plans To Recruit 4000 Freshers In India. Details Here

Can we prevent an earthquake? No. Only we try to control the damages done by the nature. Can we stop rains or bring them at our own will? No, we sometimes tried to fetch artificial rains. Then, the stigmatic word ‘artificial’ is attached to it.

Yes, we destroy and disrupt the natural habitats and feel good about what we achieved. Though unaware of the consequences. We love to disrupt. Now, all want to do disruption. They want to achieve something big by disrupting the existing systems. We want to create a chaos. Indeed, disruption has become a buzzword. We are so keen to disrupt that we created more intelligent and accurate computers which has been creating a class of useless humans in turn. The new AI thing might make more than a billion people completely useless.

Anyway, humans are so fallible that they don’t deserve to exist, wherein machine learning tools are infallible, accurate, heartless, mindless, error-less, toothless, colourless.

Humans are so useless that they can’t even control their emotions—we get angry, we get disturbed, we shout, we yell, we lie, we exhibit, we cheat, we hate, we cry, we compete, we race, we abuse, we refuse, we envy, we fight. We are a bundle of all things bad as we can’t control ourselves. Machines are in full control and do not deviate. Why do we exit then? Why does the ecosystem need humans? The planet earth would have been better off without humans.

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