Why long distance relationships work? 8 reasons why distance is harmless in love!

Absence does make the heart grow fonder; this is how!

Published: December 26, 2016 6:39 PM IST

By Shreya Suresh Kumar

Why long distance relationships work? 8 reasons why distance is harmless in love!

Long distance relationships are not easy at it seems to be. Absence makes the heart grow fonder is indeed a true saying, but it doesn’t mean that everything is hunky dory when in a long distance relationship.  However at the same time it also doesn’t mean that it is not doable. You may not have your romantic dates, holding hands and exchanging kisses, but again it is still very beautiful. A couple can surpass every trouble if you know how to maintain your relation. We are sure that you may have heard a lot about long distance relationships and its problems.  But do you know there is a lot more than just problems about long distance that makes them work? If you are committed to each other, strong about your respective feelings for each other and are sure about making things work, then there is no force in this world that can break your long distance relation work. Want to know how? Here is why long distance relationships work. These are eight foolproof reasons as to why some couples beat every odds and make their long distance relationship work. (ALSO READ How to have a long term relationship: 6 rules for a happy ending! )

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1. Communication becomes very important

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When a couple is in a relationship, communication becomes very important.  Earlier, since you both could meet, talking, having conversations about the silliest thing may not have seemed important. But now because of the geographical and physical distance, every phone call and message becomes very important. Both the partners need to set a particular time and pattern for conversations.  Pictures of food, new dresses, selfies and about the new place all becomes very exciting. You look forward to your partner’s message every day. Also because you will not get to talk as often as when you guys were in the same city, every conversation and the wait for it is just beautiful. It gives butterflies. (ALSO READ Signs people are jealous of your relationship: Watch out for these 7 signs!)

2. Skype becomes the most important part of your life

long distance relationship

Suddenly, your life revolves around Skype. You just do not want to stick to Whatsapp messages and voice calls.  You want to see your love for real in real time.  Who cares about the most happening parties in town, because you are waiting for that one Skype all from your partner. (ALSO READ Signs of a jealous and possessive girlfriend: 10 red flags you simply cannot ignore!)

3. Trust increases if everything goes smoothly

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This is also one of the only ways how you can build trust. When you both are away from each other and cannot see each other, the trust automatically increases when there are no problems. If you and your partner are pretty cool about each other’s social life and group of friends, then there is no scope for any kind of trust issues. This happens only with couples who trust themselves and their love for each other. (ALSO READ Top 10 things you will learn in the first year of your married life!)

4. You will learn to be independent

Being away also means learning to live independently without the support of your better half. This will be a good change and if you are with somebody who is nice and genuine, he/she will only help you grow.  There will be times when you will have to take a decision and your partner who is away may not be around or free. St such times, you will have to make the call and situations like these will eventually make you an independent and better person.(ALSO READ Single in 2017? 7 reasons why it is awesome!)

5. Your life will be filled with a lot of travel

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Since your significant other is in a different city and town altogether, there will be a lot of travelling. It might seem like a lot of expense and hassle initially, but the urge to meet your love will just overshadow everything else.  You will ravel continents to just meet your partner and with that you will also get to see a new place and meet new people. What fun right! (ALSO READ 7 signs that you should end your relationship with the year 2016)

6. Seeing each other will give you butterflies

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The thought of seeing each other is sure to give you butterflies.  Unlike when you two were in the same city and met almost every week, with long distance meeting each other after a long gap will be special. You will anxiously wait for your love to be in your arms. That moment of waiting is a feeling that truly keeps long distance relationships going and makes it feel all worth it. (ALSO READ Things you shouldn’t hide from your partner: 8 things you must be honest about!)

7. It brings out the romantic side of you

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Now the romance will be more than ever. There will be exchange of love notes, hand written letters, postcards, gifts and a lot more. A simple I miss you text is also enough to light up your mood.  You will love all the surprises you receive and get to give. All these cute moments are another reason why long distance relationships work. (ALSO READ Relationship goals for 2017: 7 goals that you need to set for a happier life!)

8. With every fight, the urge to meet and hug will just increase

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Fights are inevitable. We would be lying if we said that there will be no fights and long distance means everything mushy and heavenly. There will be a lot of fights and misunderstandings. But what makes things back to normal is when at the end of each fight, you just want to hug your partner tight.  After every fight, you will die to just kiss and make up. This increases the love and you tend to miss your love more often than not. (ALSO READ 10 unhealthy relationship habits you must quit before 2016 ends!)

Implement these qualities in your relationship and see how no distance of any kind will be able to put your love in trouble.  At the end of the day, if both of you are willing to make it work, it will work. If either of you falls weak, then there is nothing in this world that can stop your relation from ending.

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Published Date: December 26, 2016 6:39 PM IST