Cheating is usually associated with men. Even movies, most of them, show women sulking and crying over their partner’s betrayal. But many clinical research studies suggest that as many women cheat as men. The stereotype of only men being cheaters has definitely changed. Women also cheat. They too delete texts, pretend to have late work hours and go out on dates. It may be the taboo about female sexuality or the gender-stereotype that we do not get to hear women-cheating stories often.  While most women cite unhappy relationships as a reason to cheat; we have listed down few reasons as to why women cheat. These are some of the most common reasons that women have been heard telling.  Read to know what they are: Also Read - Valentine’s Week 2021: Going on a Date? Keep These Six Resolutions in Mind

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This is one of the most common and thus tops the list of reasons. More often than not, a woman gets so caught up in her daily chores that she starts to feel more like a housekeeper or a nanny than a wife/girlfriend. This is also because the man often ignores the smallest things about his partner. He stops complimenting her often, the numbers of dates come down, the romance is dead and all that is left of the relation is managing daily expenses and also kids if any. A woman loves attention from her partner. She likes to hear she is beautiful or how much she means to her husband once in a while, if not too often. And when she does not receive this, she starts looking for attention outside and also enjoys every bit of it. Feeling ignored or unloved makes a woman crave for attention from another man.

2. They too crave for intimacy and when that is missing, they tend to stray


The second most common reason is lack of intimacy. Maybe you are a good husband who a cares a lot about his wife. But if you do not find time to keep the connection and spark strong, then you might find your woman cheating. Exchanging kisses, cuddling and holding hands are some ways of building the intimacy. Several women however complain that their respective partners have stopped doing these small, yet beautiful gestures. Apart from these, a good communication is also essential to have a happy relation. Women love talking and if they feel you aren’t listening; they tend to drift to the one who listens to them patiently. They will cheat to meet their needs.

3. They feel bored and lonely

lonely woman

Now this particular reason holds true in a housewife’s case.  Women who are housewives spend most of their time at home taking care of the household chores or kids. This routine, after a point of time makes them feel lonely and living a meaningless life.  To fill this void and emptiness, women may opt for casual sex or plain romantic relations just to feel loved and wanted beyond just work and duties. Boredom and loneliness is also commonly seen in wives of men who are away for longer periods of time due to work.

4. They are emotionally disconnected

women cheating 3

Men often cheat for sex, whereas women cheat seeking emotional fulfillment.  More than physical intimacy, women prefer to have an emotional connection with their partners. Even if there is no lack of sex, if you do not understand your woman’s emotional needs, she might go out looking for somebody who understands her, her cranky mood, her need to cry and so on.

5. Revenge for being cheated on

woman caught cheating

This reason might come as a surprise to you. Yes, there are women who cheat purely out of revenge. These women might have had a bad past and may have been cheated on, leaving them filled with anger and vengeance. And their way of getting over this pain is by cheating. Doing the exact same thing that their partner did gives them a sense of satisfaction and sadistic pleasure. Well, we know cheating isn’t the solution to pain and low-self esteem. But, there are women who believe in doing so.

6. They can’t handle the physical/emotional abuse

woman being abused

To stay in an abusive relationship/marriage is like walking a path full of cactus every single day. Painful and difficult, right? There are several women in India and outside who suffer because of physical/emotional abuse at the hands of their respective partners. To walk away from a relation like this requires a lot of courage. Not many women can actually muster this courage and thus they continue taking it lifelong. And the only of way of relief and peace they find is by cheating. They have romantic or emotional affairs outside, only to vent out their pain, anger and sadness, which they somehow cannot do at home.

7. They are tired of endless fights

women cheating

A relationship that has too many fights and disagreements over the smallest things often sees one of the partners cheating or being too cold.  The feeling of resentment is enough for women to wander away. Resentment causes irritation over the smallest things, fighting, quarreling and hurting each other and a lot more. In a situation like this, women find solace in the comfort of another man. Fighting is common and happens in every relation, but if there is no making up, then it leads to cheating.

These reasons may seem illogical to some. Some of you may even disagree with the whole concept of cheating. Whatever your viewpoint may be, the fact is it does happen. Both men and women cheat and some of the reasons have been mentioned above.