Fish is one of the healthiest foods one can have. Whether one is a man, a woman, overweight, underweight, old, young, pregnant, with heart disease or any other health condition, fish is always a recommended source of nutrition. Have you ever wondered why? Chock-a-block with many helpful nutrients, fish is known to beat and prevent or reduce the risk of a number of dangerous conditions and diseases. This is why fish should regularly feature in your daily diet. Steam it, fry it, bake it or whip it into a delicious curry, fish can give you not just excellent taste but also wholesome nutrition. Here are some reasons why you need to eat plenty of fish.Also Read - Giant 75 Kg 'Telia Bhola' Fish Caught in Sunderbans River, Sold For Over Rs 36 Lakh

Colorectal Cancer: A recent research by the University of Oxford and the International Cancer Research Centre has found that eating lean, oily, fatty or white fish regularly can actually help protect you against colorectal cancer. The study goes on to show that consuming fish three times a week can help reduce the risk o colorectal cancer by 12 per cent. The study noted that this was primarily due to omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids in the fish. Also Read - What are Vitamin Supplements? Are They Good For Health?

Depression: Fish have plenty of omega-3 fatty acids which, several research studies have shown to have a positive impact on combating symptoms of depression. A diet rich in fish can help those dealing with depression a great deal. Also Read - Can’t Lose Weight? Add These 7 Essential Nutrients to Your Diet to Lose Weight Quickly

During pregnancy: During pregnancy, women are always asked to eat fish. There are many benefits to that. It is supposed to help in the brain development of the offspring. It can also help both the mother and baby develop strong bones. It is however important to check with your doctor if and how much fish you can eat safely during pregnancy. Owing to pollution in the seas and also due to high levels of mercury in many fish, it may not be recommended.