With work, stress and deadlines hounding you, food may seem like the last thing on our mind. This why it is very likely that you resort to unhealthy food to fuel yourself up at work. Munching on chips, biscuits, sandwich, chocolates, energy drinks while you go about your work or eating deep fried samosas and noodles in your office canteen may seem convenient but this is doing massive damage to your body. A new research has found that those who purchase unhealthy food at the office may be doing the same outside work as well, increasing their risk of lifestyle ailments such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The study, published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, clearly shows that those who indulge in unhealthy diet at the office tend to have unhealthy behaviour overall. Also Read - US Determined To Help India In 'Hour Of Need' Amid COVID-19 Surge, Says Kamala Harris

If you think that this unhealthy eating and resulting obesity is only affecting your body, previous research has shown that all this affects your work too. Unhealthy eating has been shown to affect productivity, result in more absenteeism and lead to higher healthcare costs. Also Read - Complete Lockdown in Karnataka For 2 Weeks From May 10: What's Allowed, What's Shut | Full List

There is no option to make smart choices at work as far as diet is concerned. It is imperative to eat healthier foods in your canteen or even better, get food from home. Here are some diet tips you can follow at work when it comes to healthy eating:
1) Make it a point to step outside and away from your desk to eat lunch. Eating at the desk has been shown to have negative effects on health. Studies have found that you tend to eat less mindfully and with more stress at your desk, even though you are not working while eating at your desk. Going to the canteen or away from your desk offers some change in the environment and provides the much-needed respite from work.
2) During lunch or snack time, avoid having heavy meals including deep-fried wadas, bhajjis, white bread sandwiches, chole bhature, oily sabzis, too much rice, pastas or noodles and packaged foods and cold drinks.
3) Instead eat salads, fruits, nuts, seeds, dark chocolate, steamed foods, homemade lunches or snacks. Get buttermilk or juices made at home to sip on throughout the day. Also Read - Chennai: 15 kg Heroin Worth Rs 100 Crore Seized; 2 Tanzanians Arrested