‘Revenge buying’ is a term that’s quite popular these days. It is actually a curious phenomena of excessive shopping after a long time because of an imposed restriction. Recently, we heard about revenge buying in South Korea after its government relaxed social distancing rules and permitted opening of malls and department stores. Also Read - 'Will Keep People Indoors For 17 Days': Odisha CM on Weekend Shutdown, Night Curfew in State

Will Indians do the same after the lockdown ends? That we still need to see. But experts in the field are saying that there will be probably a U-turn in the consumer behaviour post the lockdown in India. This is because, it is being expected that people may think of luxury shopping as a wasteful expenditure. People in countries like China, US, and South Korea are prone to luxury buying. However, that is not the case in India. In fact, here in our country, most of the people prefer to save. Also Read - Prince Charles Says he Feels Lucky After Coronavirus Recovery

Well, considering these facts, we may not see many people roaming around in malls but a few will surely do so. There are shopaholics who must be waiting for the restrictions to ease so that they can indulge in revenge buying to make up for not being able to purchase during the lockdown owing to coronavirus. Also Read - Social Distancing, Thermal Screening: These Are Centre's Fresh SOPs For Restaurants, Hotels, Hospitality Units

According to a recent statement of Retailers Association of India (RAI), “When the economy opens up, the initial shoppers will be millennials going for revenge buying, discount seekers and bargain hunters.”