India has not yet completely jumped on the wine bandwagon, but the industry has been growing slowly and steadily in the subcontinent. Although wine is still considered a ‘lady’s drink’ by many here, and something that is to be consumed only occasionally, the drink is expected to see a boom in the coming years. Mr. Abhay Kewadkar, the director and Chief Wine Maker at Four Seasons Wine, says that 2017 will be an exciting year for the wine industry in India and that young Indian wine aficionados are on the rise. Here are some of the top wine trends of 2017, as predicted by Mr Kewadkar:

1. Prices to go up

Globally, the consumer is trading up. More than volume growth, one has seen a significant value growth and the average price of wine bottle the consumer is buying today has gone up by 20% over the last two years. ALSO READ: Worst Food Trends: Food and restaurant trends that should end with 2016

2. Sparkling Wines to gain popularity

The non-champagne sparkling wine category has seen a growth of 30%. Sparkling wines are no more limited for consumption only on special occasions only. Millennials are going to be important in driving the growth of wines. Digital and internet are going to be very important part of marketing for Wine companies, as for consumers to gain knowledge about wine as a category.

3. Wine apps to grow

One can expect to see use of wine apps going up multi fold, in deciding the purchase of the wine bottle and also for knowledge on food pairing. ALSO READ: 10 best travel destinations for every wine lover!

4. Non-conventional regions and varietals to gain popularity

 Non-conventional regions and the varietals are going to create excitement in the market. Varieties like Cabernet Franc , which are part of blends in Bordeaux, are becoming popular as stand-alone varietals. In White Wines, Fruity and aromatic varietals like Viognier grow at a fast pace. ALSO READ: From Mirror Marble Cakes to Pimple Cup Cakes: 5 of the Most Viral Internet Food Trends of 2016!

5. Natural/Bio-dynamic/Exclusive wines to gain popularity

Consumer is also gaining a lot of awareness about natural and bio-dynamic wines. Given the aspirational attitude of Wine consumers, Small batch/Single Vineyards/Single Barrel type of exclusive wines will drive a lot of interest.

6. Wine by the glass to grow in popularity

Sales of Wine by the glass are continuing to grow at a more than steady pace, confirming the fact that today consumers like to experiment and also pair each course with a particular wine instead of opening 1 bottle and drinking it through the meal.

7. Indians prefer fruity semi-sweet wines

In India, we are seeing a trend of consumer preferring a more fruity/semi-sweet type of wines when it comes to White and Rosé Wines. ALSO READ: We were at SulaFest 2016 and it was FANTASTIC!

8. Indian Wine Industry to grow up to 30 per cent

Mr. Abhay Kewadkar of Four Seasons Wines

Indian Wine industry continues to grow 20 per cent YOY over last 10years and this is expected to go up by 25-30 cent

9. Boomers and Gen-exers go for the ‘Cool Quotient’

Boomers and Gen-Xers want exclusivity, and access to hard-to-get wines. They are not tied by loyalty to any one brand especially when it comes to wines but want to experiment with new experiences, tastes and what is in the market; Depending on the cool quotient of the drink–which can be to do with label, a particular wine launched to celebrate a specific occasion and so on. ALSO READ: 6 vineyards in India every wine lover must visit

10. ‘Wine slushies’ to become a thing in the summers

The summer might see Wine Slushies – For the summer, wine slushies are a perfect recipe. Blending wine, fruit, and ice into a refreshing frozen drink. This recently caught the attention of the DIY consumers globally along with wine cocktails.

11. Trendy Packaging to attract millennials

Since the wine consumption is increasing amongst the Millennials who put a lot of emphasis on presentation and labelling. We will see more interesting packaging in the coming months; it will be more hip, trendy with use of more graphic designs to excite the younger crowd. ALSO READ: 10 most expensive travel experiences in the world

12. Demand for organic wines to grow

In general there will be a huge demand for organically grown food. The idea remains same for wines as well, there will be a demand for natural wines meaning the grapes which are grown without use of chemicals and not harming the ecology of the soil. ALSO READ: 4 best wine tours you must take at least once

13. More people will prefer to ‘drink in’

We’ll also see the trend of drinking out shifting to drinking in, more GenX would prefer a quiet night at their home with wine and entertainment. Also hosting dinners pairing food and wine at home.

Four Seasons Wines Limited (FSWL), is a part of United Spirits Limited (USL), which is a Diageo Group Company. It has won 48 international awards in the wine circuit since inception, testament to its commitment to winemaking of the highest quality. You can find the official website of Four Seasons wines here and find them on Facebook here.

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