New Delhi, Dec 8: Winter is a season when your skin needs extra attention as avoiding it even for a day can take away your glow. Dropping the usage of scrubs to once a month and staying away from the heater to avoid dryness are some of the basic steps one should take for that radiant and beautiful you, suggest experts. Also Read - Skincare Tip of The Day: 5 Hidden Benefits of Honey to Amp Your Beauty Game

Blossom Kochhar, Chairperson, Blossom Kochhar Group of Companies, says that during winters, one should totally avoid using harsh things on their skin like astringents and soaps as they strip the skin of all the natural oil.  “Instead, one should resort to cleansing milk, lotions throughout winters,” she told IANS. Also Read - Here’s How Your Skin and Hair Are Getting Impacted Due to Anxiety, Read On

She also suggested not to sit close to the heater. “It damages your skin a lot and makes it too dry. But if you cannot avoid it just put a bowl of water near the heater as it will balance the moisture in the air,” she said. (ALSO READ: How to protect hair in winter using simple tips). Also Read - How to Use Rice Water for Glowing Skin: Try This Korean Beauty Routine Right Away

Shikhee Agrawal, Head Training, The Body Shop, says that whipping winds, dry air and chilly temperature can really be harsh on your soft skin so its important to use a serum to keep your skin hydrated.

“People tend to think that thicker a cream, the better it hydrates but the fact is concentration doesn’t necessarily equal optimum hydration. Instead layer a serum under your moisturizer or cream to boost hydration. On the other hand, oily skin also needs equal moisturizing in winter because the less you moisturize , the more natural oil your skin produces which results in breakouts,” she told IANS.

Warming up with primer and using cremy eyeshadow are some of the other factors that one should keep in mind for the chilly season too.

“Don’t skip the primer. It’s important to use the primer before we dab in the foundation on our skin as the primer would help keep the skin supple and moisturised for the entire day. It will also make your skin glow. Also creamy eyeshadows are the ones to go for during the winters. It will keep the eyeshadow in place and also fill in for the lack of moisture during the season,” Makeup artist Vidya Tikari told IANS.

She also feels that avoiding scented products is a must to stay fresh in winters. “Soaps, creams and lotions with fragrance can covertly contain ingredients that can make your skin dry. Try to stick with natural and organic products even though they may be a wee bit more expensive but it is worth it for your skin! Also check the PH level of every product you pick,” she said.

Aakriti Kochar, Beauty & Make-up Expert, Oriflame India, emphasized on not overdoing exfoliatation too. “Drop your usage for scrubs or exfoliator to once a month instead indulge in face masks that leave your skin hydrated but exfoliation is still necessary in winters to remove dead skin cells. Overdoing might cause dryness and sensitivity, but supplement it with a toner and nourishing mask/ moisturiser that gives comfort,” she told IANS.

She also emphasized on not taking a long hot shower.”A long hot shower may seem very tempting during winters, but restrict them to short quick showers to avoid rashes, bumps caused due to hot water on your skin and scalp leading to excessive dryness and burns in some cases. Some believe hot showers moisturise your skin which is a myth” she added.