There are couples who get pregnant by surprise. Some consciously put effort and get the good news in the first attempt itself. However, others feel like they are never going to have a child even after consistently indulging in sex. Well, if you wish to get pregnant, you need to focus on the right time to have sex and its frequency too.Also Read - First Pregnancy Complications May up Risk of Future Premature Birth

Yes, that’s what science says. According to a survey, from the time couples try till they get the positive result, they have had sex around 78 times in approximately 6 months. There are those who get sexually intimate 13 times a month. If you think hitting a bed so frequently is fun, you are mistaken. It becomes boring and like a regular chore gradually. Also Read - Swimming During Pregnancy Can be a Real Treat For Expecting Mothers, Here is How

But, stress and anxiety of conceiving as early as possible and the fear of never becoming a parent force couples to indulge in a monotonous sex. But it is not necessary. What can actually work is the right sex position and the right time to have intercourse. Also Read - Exercising During Pregnancy Can Reduce Obesity Risk in Your Baby

Missionary and doggy style are considered as the two best sex positions to conceive. So, you can try them yourself and see the result. Also, you should have sex during the time of ovulation. Hitting a bed frequently doesn’t boost your chances of getting pregnant. It actually reduces the number of healthy sperm. So, know about your peak fertile days and have sexual intercourse during that time.

What is The Right Time to Have Sex?

A woman’s body is most fertile during the time of ovulation. And the highest probability of conception is when you have sex during 5 days before the day of ovulation (release of an egg from one of the ovaries) and 5 days after that.
During this process, a mature egg reaches the uterus through the Fallopian tube. At this time, chances are higher for your sperm to meet your partner’s egg in the uterus and get fertilized. Also, a sperm stays inside a woman’s body for around 5 days so during this time if the egg is released, you may get pregnant.

When do Women Ovulate?

Menstruation is a 28-30 days cycle. Each cycle starts on the first day you have your period and ends a day before your next period begins. Count these days and find a mid point of your cycle. In case of a 28 days cycle, you will ovulate approximately on day 14.