Infidelity is damaging to your relationship. Cheating on your partner is a moral sin that nobody should commit. If you are not happy with your partner and want to end your relationship, be vocal about it. Having multiple romantic relationships at the same time is not the solution. Strong people do not indulge in such a derogatory act. Also Read - Sushant Singh Rajput's Cousin Claims Huge Amount of Money Transferred Into Rhea Chakraborty's Account, Alleges Her of Cheating

Infidelity is practiced by weak individuals. If you are cheating on your wife and thinking you will get away with it, you are highly mistaken. These things cannot be hidden for long. Some women do forgive their partners even after knowing their misdeeds but others belonging to certain zodiac signs don’t. Here, we will talk about women who fall in the latter category. Also Read - Nawazuddin Siddiqui's Divorce Update: Aaliya Accuses Actor of Cheating, Says 'I Kept Hearing About His Affairs'


Women belonging to this zodiac sign are quite curious and good at finding the truth. So, you cannot hide anything from them. Once they know your secret, they won’t refrain from confronting you. Also, do not expect forgiveness from a Gemini woman. Also Read - App Meant For Tracking Covid-19 Cases Accidentally Exposed Cheating Couples In South Korea!


Loyalty holds great importance for a Virgo woman. If her partner cannot be true to the relationship, she won’t be with him any longer. For Virgo women, loyalty is the base of a relationship. Once you have broken their trust, you won’t get it back ever.


Never even think of being disloyal to your scorpion partner. A scorpion woman never forgives. Even if she does, she won’t take you back in her life. For scorpions, either a person is in their lives or he is not. There won’t be anything in between.


Aquarian are emotional people. They keep their loved ones extremely close to their hearts. Breaking their trust once means never gaining it back. They just cannot forget being cheating on. and, that’s what makes it difficult for them to forgive their partners.