Menopause brings various side-effects along with it. And, one of those is lack of sexual desire. But it is not always the case. Sometimes, even your partner’s sexual health may need to be blamed. This is what recent research published in the journal Menopause states.

According to this study, erectile dysfunction in your male partner (an issue that usually comes with age), can be a significant culprit behind the lack of libido in you. During the research, the women participants revealed that this sexual problem does play an important role in their loss of desire to get intimate. And, even when they want to deal with that and be vocal about the issue, their partners become defensive about them and their ego comes in the picture.

Well, erectile dysfunction is not something to be taken as a question on your pride. All the men out there need to understand that it is a common health issue that can be dealt with certain lifestyle changes. Here we tell you about a few of them.

Stop smoking

Nicotine present in cigarettes can potentially decrease the blood supply to your penis by blocking the blood vessels that transport blood to the area. This can cause erectile dysfunction.

Limit alcohol consumption

Acting as a strong depressant, alcohol can slow down the functioning of your central nervous system and reduce the production of a significant chemical called nitric oxide, which is essential for erection.

Try acupuncture

According to a study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, acupuncture can help in a better supply of blood to the penis and also lead to the secretion of happy hormones that can potentially increase your sexual desire and improve the problem of erectile dysfunction.