Office work can sometimes take a toll on your physical and mental health. Stress at your workplace can be debilitating at times and not looking for a perfect arsenal against it can do irreversible damages. It can /affect your productivity, cause an economic loss. Stress is a silent killer. It can gradually make you depressed and you may end up engaging in unhealthy behaviours including drinking alcohol, smoking cigarette, drug abuse, etc. These can slowly bring you closer to death.Also Read - Bach Flower Therapy: A Perfect Remedy For Your Anxiety And Stress

To address work-related stress, apart from looking for its potential source, you need to spend some time regularly in green spaces. Confused? Well, strolling in a park or forest every day for some time can help you get rid of stress. It can boost your body’s ability to cope up with job-related stress. This is what a recent research published in the journal Public Health in Practice has revealed. Walking around greenery can help you gain great resilience to stress. The study results state that people with a strong “sense of coherence” are less vulnerable to stress and vice-versa. A simple activity can improve your mental health for good. Forest/greenspace walking at least once a week can help you built a stronger sense of coherence. Also Read - World Liver Day 2022: These Habits are Harming Your Liver - Take Corrective Steps Now

Thinking about how it works? Well, science explains, living amidst greenery or regularly visiting green spaces stimulates your involuntary attention and reduces directed attention. Being around nature provides you a restful experience and takes away your anxiety and stress. It reduces your need for directed attention and that’s why you feel calm. Also Read - World Health Day: 6 Lifestyle Habits That You Need to Change for a Healthy Heart And Physical Wellbeing

According to researchers, people find comfort in nature, and in countries like Japan urban greenspaces are increasing in popularity where nature isn’t readily accessible. This means many workers in cities can easily take a walk among the trees.

Forest/greenspace walking is a simple activity that needs no special equipment or training. It could be a very good habit for improving mental health and managing stress.

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