World Bicycle Day 2020: Initiated by the United Nations, the World Bicycle Day is an annual campaign that is observed on June 3rd. It aims at encouraging people to use a bicycle more often as it is the most sustainable means of transportation and doesn’t negatively impact the environment. Also, a cycle is affordable, reliable, and using it can keep you physically and mentally fit. Yes, you read it right, cycling does bring an array of benefits. From helping in weight loss to boosting your heart health, and improving joint mobility, cycling assists you in many ways. But you won’t be able to reap its benefits if you go wrong with the basics of riding a bicycle. Today, on the World Bicycle Day, here we tell you about some common cycling mistakes that you should do away with. Also Read - World Bicycle Day 2020: How Cycling Keeps You Fit And Increases Longevity?

Opting For a Wrong Cycle

Choosing the wrong cycle can make you susceptible to muscle injury and pain. So, it is advised to always buy a cycle that fits you well. Pick one according to your height and see if your legs easily touch the ground after sitting on the seat. To check if a bicycle is right for you, stand straight right next to it. If the saddle of the cycle is at your hip crest, it is the right one for you. Also, check if your arms and torso make a 45-degree angle during the ride. If it does so, go ahead and buy the cycle. Also Read - Migrant Worker, Cycling Back to Bihar From Delhi, Dies After Being Hit by Car in Lucknow

Donning Inappropriate Outfit And Gear

To prevent the onset of muscle pain, you are advised to wear the right clothing and gear while riding a bicycle. Opt for a breathable fabric and do wear a helmet and the right biking shoe. The ideal biking outfit includes a padded pant for easy stretch, padded crotch for absorbing moisture and reducing friction, a bike jersey for keeping yourself dry and a pair of lightweight biking shoes with slick soles. Also Read - World Bicycle Day: Here's Why You Must Cycle Every Day

Riding Without Eating Anything

It is okay to ride a bicycle empty stomach if you are going to be doing it only for an hour. But riding for long durations without eating anything can drop your blood sugar level significantly and as a result, you will feel dizzy and nauseous. Additionally, dehydration can take a toll on your health by increasing your heartbeat, changing your blood pressure, causing numbness, fatigue, and confusion. Therefore, you are advised to always keep a bottle of water with you while riding a bicycle. Also, do eat something before starting to ride. It is better if you keep some snacks with you for to have every 45 minutes during the journey.