World Blood Donor’s Day is being observed on June 14 this year. Did you know that India is need of around 12 million units of blood per year, according to statistics by the World Health Organization? This blood can cater to millions of victims of road accidents, patients with blood disorders like thalessemia and other diseases. This is why it is very important that as a healthy individual you donate blood regularly. Here are some important points you need to keep in mind when it comes to blood donation:Also Read - Gurugram Hospital Launches Blood Donation Program For Dogs And Cats – See More Details

A person can donate blood every three months. There is a lot of misconceptions about blood donation and at the top of this list is the belief that blood donation can make your body fall short of blood and this can make you weak. The fact is that once you donate blood, your body restores it within 7 -14 days. This is why one can donate blood every three to six months. Also Read - 'It Gives Me Immense Satisfaction': Differently-Abled Man From Mumbai Donates Blood For 25th Time

Did you know that just about 70 per cent of blood in our body is utilized for various bodily functions? The remaining remains unutilized. This means that taking out 350 or450 ml of blood will not detrimentally affect you in any way. Also Read - Inspiring! 50-Year-Old Pune Man Donates Plasma For a Record 14 Times, Says 'Ready For The 15th Time'

While donating blood, you need to make sure that there are fresh syringes and needles being used for transfusion of blood. You need to check that there a set of disposable needles is used every new donor.

After you donate blood, it is important to take rest for some time and not involve your self in any rigorous activity. You may feel dizzy if you tax your body with too much physical strain.

It is important for you to hydrate yourself properly after the donation of blood. Drink plenty of water and refrain from packaged juices or cold drinks.

You can donate blood if you are a healthy individual between 18 – 65 years of age. your weight should be more than 45 kgs. Your haemoglobin needs to be more than 12.5 mg per cent.

Before you donate blood, make sure that you are eating healthy and wholesome food especially one that is full of iron. Do not have junk food.