World Brain Tumour Day 2020: Brain tumour is one of the most debilitating conditions in which your brain cells or cells in the central spine start to grow abnormally eventually forming a tumour. It can significantly disrupt the normal brain functions and the body functions too. There are two types of tumour namely benign, which is non-cancerous and malignant, which is cancerous. Also Read - Romantic Relationships Help Breast Cancer Survivors Cut Stress

As far as the causes of a brain tumour is concerned, it is formed when the normal cells undergo mutation in their DNA. This leads to the growth of a mass of abnormal cells at an increased rate. Factors like exposure to radiation and having a family history of this disease can potentially increase your risk of developing a brain tumour. This disease is shocking, frightening, and fatal. Its early diagnosis may help you cope with the disease and get well. Today, on the occasion of the World Brain Tumour Day, here we tell you what are the early signs of brain tumour. Also Read - Already Battling Cancer, India Boxing Legend Dingko Singh Now Tests Positive For Coronavirus

World Brain Tumour Day 2020: Early Warning Signs of a Brain Tumour

A brain tumour is unlike tumours in the other parts of the body. Your brain is small and therefore tumour gets a limited space to grow. This results in the forced pressure against nerves and significant brain areas that are associated with certain important body functions like movement, smell, sight, speaking etc. A brain tumour sometimes even reduce or completely block the flow of fluids through the brain resulting in fluid buildup. The symptoms of a brain tumour depends on the type, size, and the location of the tumour. Here are certain early warning signs of it that you should be aware of.

  • You may experience headache and change in its pattern. Its severity and frequency can gradually increase. Morning headaches are considered as an alarming sign of brain tumour.
  • You may also feel nauseous and experience vomiting for no apparent reason.
  • There may be a gradual loss of vision, sensation and movement of arm and legs.
  • You may feel difficulty in balancing your body and speaking. Confusion may also occur.
  • Hearing problem, seizures and a change in behaviour are some other signs of a brain tumour.