This piece of info is definitely going to make your Friday even better! The popular destination in downtown Mumbai, Pizza By The Bay is rolling out their new menu for all the chocolate lovers starting today. Satiate your sweet tooth cravings  at this restaurant overlooking the Arabian Sea, where  you will be served sugar, spice and everything nice dolled into a different variants of chocolate pizza. (ALSO READ World Chocolate Day 2017: These Instagram Photos of Chocolate Desserts Will Make You Drool).

You can choose from different options on the menu such as Kit Kat pizza with walnut chikki, Oreo and cream cheese pizza with chocolate chips, Mars bar pizza with caramel sauce, Nutella and granola pizza on multi-grain dough, chocolate and custard pizza etc. Starting July 7, 2017 this special chocolate pizza menu will be available.

Though Pizza By The Bay is a much-cherished destination is popular for their authentic Italian pasta, English breakfast and freshly rolled dough pizza, this new chocolate pizza menu has been introduced on World Chocolate Day and will only be available till July 16.

We are convinced that this really cool move to include special chocolate pizza menu on World Chocolate Day will make all the chocolate lovers go crazy! So, Mumbaikars prepare your taste buds for a massive chocolate crawl!

Photograph: Pizza By The Bay website

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