World Environment Day 2020: Coronavirus pandemic has a positive impact on our planet and its environment. This is what you must be thinking. We also had the same belief until we got to hear that the global CO2 level in May reached its highest level in several million years. Shocking! Isn’t it?Also Read - Shocking! Watching Half-Hour Video Online Produces 1.6 kg Carbon Dioxide Equivalent

Despite worldwide lockdown and economic slowdown, this is what the U.S. government data has revealed. As per the report, there is a 31 per cent rise in the global CO2 level in the past 62 years. Its level has reached 100 parts per million higher than the measurement in 1958. Also Read - Novel artificial leaves convert carbon dioxide into fuel

You must be wondering, how did this happen even after the reduced CO2 emission during the pandemic? Well, the answer is that carbon dioxide remains in the atmosphere for centuries. So, a brief decline in its emission cannot have a much big-picture effect. Also Read - Rising carbon dioxide levels threaten monarch butterflies: Study

We have done significant damage to the atmosphere and our planet in the last 50 to 60 years. And, it will take around the next 100 years or even more to repair these damages. We need to be mindful in terms of the use of resources and its reuse. Solar power, use of Eco-friendly gases for running vehicles, planting more and more trees, and controlling the human greed are some factors where we need to focus to bring some positive change and hand over a clean and happy environment to the future generation.

We have taken our planet for granted for many years. Now is the time to treat it the way it should be treated. If we wish the human race to survive for several million and billion years, we need to be kind to the earth, its biodiversity, and should be cautious in our actions.

On this World Environment Day, let’s take a pledge to save the earth, save humanity, and save our home! Let’s be empathetic towards nature.