Over one crore people from across the world die of cardio-vascular diseases including heart diseases and stroke in a year. In India, half of all reported heart attacks are caused due to cardiovascular diseases among people below the age group of 50. Observing World Heart Day on the last Sunday of September every year was started in 1999 to create awareness about heart diseases — the leading cause of death. Also Read - Opt For Fish Oil And Bid Adieu to Heart Attacks

Here’s what you should do for a healthy heart, apart from bidding adieu to smoking and drinking. Also Read - Benefits of Desi Ghee as India Opts For a Better And Healthier Lifestyle

1. Get enough sleep: Relax and try to reduce your stress levels, the silent killer. Adequate sleep is very important to reduce the risk of obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure, which may lead to a heart attack or stroke. Also Read - Dieting And Exercising Together May Impact Your Bone Health, Reveals Study

2. Exercise: An active lifestyle can keep many a disease at bay. If your weight, blood pressure, cholesterol are under check, your heart will be in good shape. cardio exercises along with weight training should be there in your daily routine.

3. Healthy eating: It’s all interconnected. If you are suffering from obesity, diabetes, then you are prone to develop cardiovascular disorders as well. So, to sum it up, you need to focus more on what you are eating. Steer clear of fatty, oily food and include more grains, green, leafy vegetables, fish oils, lentils, fruits etc.

4. Regular Screening: Post-30, you must follow a screening regime even if you don’t have any history of heart diseases, and even if you lead an active life. Stress factor matters once you are above 30. So it’s better to be a little cautious

5. Be Happy: This point is related to stress. It’s not easy to be stress-free. So try to socialise more, cut out on negative energy in your life. This will also include reducing your social media time if that makes you anxious or depressed.