World Kidney Day is celebrated on the second Thursday in the month of March every year and this year it falls on March 8.  It is observed to inform people about kidney and its importance. To create awareness about the function of kidney and kidney diseases, many events and arranged on this day. Chronic Kidney Disease or CKD is a serious kidney disease in which your kidney loses the ability to function gradually. In India, it is becoming one of the main causes of death. So, on World Kidney Day, we share with you some FAQs answered by Dr Hemal Shah, Senior Nephrologist & Secretary of Amar Gandhi Foundation. (ALSO READ World Kidney Day 2018: Dr Partap Chauhan on Why Ayurveda Should be the First Choice for Chronic Kidney Disease). Also Read - Watch: How to Make Cloud Eggs? This Easy And Quick Recipe Will Make You Feel Like a Wonder Chef

Is CKD more common in women than men? Why?

Diabetes and blood pressure are common amongst Indians. This puts women at risk just like men. However, the detection of these risk factors is late in most women. Women in India have an increased risk of Chronic kidney diseases (CKD) from repeated urinary tract infection (UTI). Women delay voiding because of the lack of toilets and unhygienic conditions of the toilets is also a risk factor. Repeated such attacks of UTI leave scars on the kidney which leads to CKD. Also Read - Watch: This 10-Minute Session Will Take Away Your Stress And Anxiety in a Snap

Which factors increase the risks of CKD?

Diabetes / Hypertension and UTI. Also Read - Watch: Learn to Make The Easiest Watermelon Sorbet in Less Than a Minute This Season!

Additionally, women are at risk for systemic lupus erythromatousus (SLE). This is an autoimmune disorder. The incidence of SLE is rising due to exposure to environmental toxins including those ingested through food and water. (ALSO READ World Kidney Day 2018: Ek Chammach Kam Campaign to Launch on World Kidney Day to Limit Salt Intake).

What are the causes of chronic kidney diseases in women and tips to prevent it?

Early detection of diabetes and Blood pressure through checkup can help. Amar Gandhi Foundation is running a free checkup campaign along with Suburban Diagnostics. Early and adequate treatment of diseases like UTI and SLE amongst others will help prevent CKD.

Can you prevent the disease? How?

A urine test that can detect CKD early should be carried out by patients at risk. So all Diabetes, Blood pressure patients must have a urine test. Low protein diet / strict control of the underlying disease will help prevent CKD progressing to the stage of dialysis.

What are the treatments available for CKD?

Advanced CKD will need dialysis and kidney transplant. Unfortunately, they are expensive and complicated. Hence early detection and prevention are invaluable. (ALSO READ International Women’s Day 2018 and World Kidney Day 2018: Kidney Test at Just Rs. 8!).

How to avoid recurrence of CKD?

CKD is irreversible hence it does not get cured and cannot recur.

Is there any natural remedy or juice to treat CKD?

Reduce protein intake will help reduce worsening of CKD. Normal intake in vegetarians in India is approximately 0.6 gm per kg per day. It should reduce to 0.4 gm per kg per day. Juices are in fact to be avoided due to high potassium content.