Observed on October 10 every year, World Mental Health Day is celebrated with an aim to spread awareness about the importance of mental health. It also focuses on removing any stigma associated with the term. The theme of World Mental Health Day 2019 is ‘Suicide prevention’. According to WHO, “Every 40 seconds, someone loses his/her life due to suicide.” This is also a result of mental health problems that include depression, anxiety disorder etc.

History of World Mental Health Day

The initiative to celebrate October 10 as the World Mental Health day was taken by the Deputy Secretary-General Richard. It was celebrated for the first time in the year 1994. However, there was no theme given to the day until 1994. In that year, the theme was “Improving the Quality of Mental Health Services throughout the World.” The idea behind this day was simply to inform as many people as possible, about the significance of mental health and make them aware of different types of mental health conditions people are suffering from. WHO lends its helping hand and supports the World Mental Health Day observance.

How to maintain better mental health

Being happy and healthy is no so difficult. You just need to be in love with yourself and do things that can benefit your body and do not harm. Have a look at things which can actually work in this regard.

Be positive

It is extremely important to be positive when it comes to being healthy. The way you think has a vital role in your well-being. It affects your feeling. So, try to be in the company of positive and motivating people.

Exercise daily

Indulging in regular workouts helps in relieving stress by boosting the production of a happy hormone called endorphins. Even simple exercise like walking or jogging can give you such a benefit. When you expose your body to the sunlight, your body releases enough vitamin D which increases the level of another happy hormone called serotonin.

Eat healthy

Your daily diet plays a significant role in your mental health. Fast food like burger, french fries, pizza etc. are associated with the onset of depression, anxiety, sadness etc. On the other hand, there are food which are known to boost your mental health. Some of them include oily fish, berries, yoghurt, whole grains, walnuts etc. Containing omega-3 fatty acids and strong antioxidants, these food are capable of flushing out the free radicals in the body.