World No Tobacco Day is observed on May 31 every year. While you don’t need a special day or occasion to quit smoking, World No Tobacco Day would be a good way to start your way to a healthier life. It takes immense willpower to quit smoking. There are many ways in which you can say not to this dreadful life-threatening habit. Among the most effective ways are yoga and mindfulness. Even doctors agree that yoga can help you quit smoking. It can definitely make your journey less daunting and scary. To quit smoking and lead a healthier life, you definitely need to give yoga a try. Also Read - World No Tobacco Day 2020: Theme, History, And Significance of The Day

A 2014 study showed that nearly eighty-five per cent of tobacco addicts can quit the addiction just by meditation and they can also avoid a relapse into addiction after quitting. The study was published in the Indian Journal of Private Psychiatry. Like meditation, positive thinking classes and consumption of satvik food — a healthy, vegetarian diet also helps. Also Read - World No Tobacco Day: Why You Must Quit Smoking Today!

Bhastrika pranayama: One of the yoga asanas that is believed to cleanse your body is bhastrika pranayama. This helps increase the quantity of oxygen. To do this, sit with your back straight on the floor and inhale as much air as you can through your nose. Breathe in to expand your chest, not your stomach. Hold your breath for a few seconds and then exhale forcefully, contracting your stomach. Do this for about 10 times. Repeat by inhaling in and exhaling forcefully. Also Read - World No Tobacco Day: What Happens to Your Body When You Stop Smoking

Not just yoga, any form of exercise can help you kick the habit. Exercises release endorphins, also called the ‘happiness hormones.’ This works to uplift your mood making you feel happier. In this way, it can help you to deal with the feelings of sadness and irritability that sometimes follow after you decide to give up smoking.

Make sure to take the help of a certified yoga instructor to learn and perform these yoga asanas.