World Population Day 2020: India is on the verge of getting the title of ‘the most populous country in the world’ by the end of 2025, says the World Population Data Sheet 2019. Still, family planning is something about which most of the people living here do not give a damn. Even after 69 years of the creation of the National Family Planning Program, trends have not changed much.Also Read - World Population Day 2020: Impact of Population Explosion on Health in India

As per reports, males show lesser participation than females in family planning. Probably that is why vasectomy is one of the lowest preferred ways of contraception in India, says National Family Health Survey (2015-2016). The health ministry data of 2016 shows that use of condom has declined by 52 per cent over eight years and vasectomies fell to 73 per cent. Adding to this, there are various other challenges that India is facing at the grass-root when it comes to family planning. Let’s talk about them one by one. Also Read - World Population Day 2020: History, Significance of The Day And Theme For This Year

Lack of Male Awareness

In the past one decade, the cases of women sterilization has increased and females are gradually understanding the importance of family planning. More and more women are coming forward for sterilisation on their own. However, men are still quite reluctant to undergo vasectomy. They are not showing active participation and are extremely stubborn about not taking protection while having sex. Also Read - Half of Global Population Exposed to Rising Air Pollution

Women Are Denied Right to Chose

In a sexual relationship, women still lack the power to negotiate and chose if they want to get pregnant or wish to give birth to a baby whether it is a boy or a girl. This is the case majorly in the lower section of the society. Education has made the women of upper socio-economic class, aware of the importance of family planning. Therefore, they are willingly coming forward for opting for family planning methods.

Pressure From Family to Beget Sons

Indian society is patriarchal and therefore, there is a preference for sons in the country. Here, women are forced to beget a male progeny. In the process, a woman ends up being pregnant multiple times and producing many children till a male child is born. And, if she fails to give birth to a male child, she is cursed and is considered a disgrace to the family.