Currently, the global population is over 7.7 billion among which more than 1 billion people reside in India, the second-most populous country in the world. The numbers are scary and what’s more stressful is that India is estimated to surpass China as the world’s most populous country by 2050, says the World Population Data Sheet 2019.Also Read - World Population Day 2020: History, Significance of The Day And Theme For This Year

This is extremely concerning as population explosion has an array of negative impacts. It increases the pollution level, causes habitat loss, and contributes to global warming. Not only this, but overpopulation has adverse effects on health too. Here are certain health threats that it causes. Also Read - Half of Global Population Exposed to Rising Air Pollution

Increased Risk of Infection

Airborne diseases spread easily and fast in a denser population. Urban crowding and changes in the environment due to over-exploitation of resources by humans can lead to the emergence of various infectious ailments. Also, antimicrobial resistance can lead to bigger and life-threatening issues. Also Read - Twitter Alleges Bill Gates Wants to 'Control Population' by 'Systematic Poison' of COVID-19 Vaccines, Trends #ExposeBillGates

Rise in Cases of Waterborne Diseases

A huge number of people are already dying each day due to exposure to contaminated water. Imagine the condition 10 years later if the growth of the population keeps on increasing resulting in more and more need of fresh water. How will we be able to sustain such a huge population and provide them with safe water? Contaminated water is one of the easiest ways for viruses to spread faster in denser population. Utilisation of such water can claim various lives.

Polluted Air And Increased Risk of Respiratory Problems

Population explosion leads to increased use of vehicles and construction of buildings resulting in increased toxic air contents. This will gradually affect your respiratory system and you may develop diseases like asthma, congestion, chest pain. A decrease in air quality can also cause throat inflammation cardiovascular diseases etc.

Increase in Cases of Skin Cancer

Needless to say, the population explosion has a significant impact on global warming and that is resulting in depletion of the ozone layer. If it continues to damage, ozone won’t be able to protect us from deadly and harmful ultraviolet rays of the Sun. This can cause skin cancer, premature ageing, blindness, cataract and even compromised immune system.