Globally observed on October 16, World Spine Day is celebrated every year. It aims at spreading awareness about the importance of spine health and debilitating conditions associated with spinal issues. The theme for World Spine Day 2019 is ‘Get Spine Active’. Current lifestyle that includes sitting at a chair for a long duration, not indulging in exercise, etc. have made people more likely to develop spine disorder.

It is significant to maintain flexibility to prevent spinal issues and back pain. In case you wish to avoid chronic back pain, you need to take care of your spine. And to do that you just need to do the following things:

Indulge in exercise daily

Regular exercises like stretching, abdominal bracing, bridge workout, alternative squat, etc. can help you keep your spine strong and avoid back pain. In case you do not get time to do these exercises due to a busy schedule, get up and walk around for a few seconds every 2 hours. Even this much activity can prevent spinal tension. You can also opt for yoga poses like Chair Pose, Side Plank, Eagle Pose, Downward Facing Dog Pose, etc. to stabilize your spine.

Take enough sleep

Not just for spine health, good sleep is necessary for your overall health. Every individual should at least need to sleep for at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep. Also, make sure you sleep on your sides as sleeping the other way can exert excessive pressure on your spine. Sleep helps the body cells repair themselves to avoid any damage.

Drink plenty of water

To maintain the proper elasticity of soft tissues present in the body and fluid joints, hydration is essential. Dehydration can make your spinal disks shrink and brittle, pushing them out of place. This can lead to a medical problem called a slipped disk. This can cause severe pain.