World Vegan Day is celebrated on November 1 every year to highlight the benefits of becoming vegan for the humans and the environment. The day was launched by Chair of The Vegan Society in the United Kingdom, Louise Wallis, in 1994. World Vegan Day marks the coining of the names veganism and vegan as well as the 50 th anniversary of The Vegan Society, which was established in 1944. The day is celebrated by vegans from all over the world by organizing many programs and events. People plant trees, host potluck and put up stalls of vegan foods. Here are 5 things you should know before you go vegan. World Vegan Day provides you an opportunity to learn more about vegan foods, cooking and nutrition. We bring you two delicious vegan recipes by Chef Manish Mehrotra from Canada to celebrate the day.Also Read - 10 Refreshing Summer Beverages You Must Have to Beat The Heat, Shahnaz Husain Shares Tips

1. Maple makhana chikki

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Maple syrup                               330 ml Also Read - 7 Must-Have Summer Coolers You Should Drink to Beat the Heat

Toasted makhana (foxnuts)    2 tbsp

Toasted almond flakes             1 tbsp

Toasted sesame                         1 tbsp

Toasted coconut flakes            1 tbsp


Reduce the maple syrup in a pan over medium heat till very thick (when 330 ml is reduced to150 ml).

Add all the dry ingredients to the pan and give it a toss (avoid stirring).

Pour the mixture on to a silpat. Use parchment paper or a stainless-steel tray greased slightly with oil if silpat is not available and let it set.

Store in air-tight container for a longer shelf life.

2. Mixed seed bhel with green chili and maple chutney


Bajra (Pearl millet) puffs 1tbsp

Peanuts 2 tsp

Rice puffs 1tbsp

Fresh Pomegranate seeds 1 tbsp

Sev 1 tbsp

Lemon juice 15 ml

Chopped onions 1 tbsp

Chopped tomatoes 1 tbsp

Chopped fresh coriander 2 tsp

Chaat masala 2 tsp

Mint chutney 1 tsp

Green chili 1

Maple syrup 100 ml


Reduce maple syrup in a pan over low heat with a green chilli (slit) till slightly thick (when 100 ml reduces to 70 ml)

In a large bowl combine rice puffs, bajra puffs, peanuts, pomegranate seeds, onion, tomatoes and fresh coriander

Add chaat masala, lemon juice, mint chutney, reduced maple syrup and toss together

Add sev in the end and serve immediately

Being vegan doesn’t mean that you have a limited food choice. You just have to know an alternative.