For those with Type 2 diabetes, there needs to be constant vigilance as far as diet is concerned. Whether it is lunch, breakfast or dinner, diabetics need to be very cautious about what they are eating. There are some foods that can spike your blood sugar levels and this is why you need to be very careful about what you’re putting in. Here are some popular breakfast items that you should stay away as far as possible.Also Read - Diabetes Symptoms: How Your Skin Can Warn You Before It's Too Late to Reverse Diabetes!

Foods rich with carbs: Carb-heavy foods including poha, upma, idli made with rice flour, maida parathas, puris etc. can be a bad choice. When making poha and upma, you must try to increase the quantity of vegetables and nuts in it to make it more nutritious and reduce the carbohydrates in it. Also, make sure not to load up yourself with these breakfast items. When eating idli and dosas, try incorporating dals in it and have them with dal-rich sambar. The key is to balance all the nutrients in your dishes. Also Read - 5 Common Women's Health Problems You Should Not Ignore

Waffles, pancakes with sugary syrups: These are a strict no-no. The white refined flour used for making these couples with honey, maple and other syrups, whipping cream and sweet sauces are simply bad for you. You could try making these multigrain flours or with fruits like bananas. Also Read - How Diabetic People Can Maintain the Creatinine Levels With Diet? Expert Explains

Cereal: This is a popular, quick and convenient breakfast option for many. But it is best avoided by all – diabetics as well as non-diabetics. Most cereal brands available in stores are packed with excess sugar, sodium, colours, additives and other preservatives that are unhealthy and harmful to your body. Often these cereals are taken with extra sugar or other sweeteners which only add to the empty calories. These not only spike blood sugar levels but also make you hungry after some time. Thus you could end up eating more food and unhealthy food later during the day.