If you are constantly worried by the state of your hair, if you experience hair fall often, if you find that premature greying is making you desperately rush to the salon every month, you are not alone. Hair problems are all too common because they are influenced by a variety of factors. From stress to environmental factors and genetic factors to faulty lifestyle habits like smoking and drinking, your hair problems could be attributed to many things. Thankfully, there are many easy-to-do changes you can bring about in your lifestyle to ensure that your hair doesn’t suffer. One of the most effective ways to deal with and prevent hair problems is to do yoga. Here are some yoga asanas that can help your hair:Also Read - Healthy Hair: 5 Things That Go A Long Way in Protecting Hair Fall And Regrowth

Camel pose: The Camel pose or Ustrasana can be very effective for increasing blood circulation in the scalp and preventing premature greying of hair. To do this, you need to get in a kneeling position. Place your knees and feet together and straighten your spine. With your shoulders straight, keep your lower back straight and lift your chest, tilting your head back. Stay in this position for a few breaths. Also Read - Tips to Get Rid of Dandruff Before it Starts Causing Extreme Hair Loss

Downward facing dog pose: This is also known as Adho Mukha Savasana. In this, you need to tilt your head down so the blood gently flows to your scalp. This can give you thicker hair, prevent hair fall and give you shiny and strong hair. To do this, sit on your fours with the knees and palms on the ground. While exhaling, lift your knees off the floor. Gently pull yourself backwards stretching your arms and supporting your legs on your toes. Push your hips upwards towards the ceiling. Your body should be in an inverted V shape. Your head should be downwards. Also Read - Real-Life Bala? Mumbai Man Hides His Baldness to Get Married, Wife Registers Police Case

Apanasana: This is called knee to chest pose: This pose will help clear your scalp off toxins. To do this, lie down on your back and place your palms on your knees. Pull your legs to your chest and loosen your grip. Hold this position for some time.