If you are already sick of summer, we don’t blame you. The hot weather, sweat, humidity and gusts of hot, dry wind can make you exhausted, dehydrated and devoid of energy. If you think sitting in air-conditioned rooms, in front of the air coolers and under the fans is the only way to deal with the heat, let us introduce you to some types of yoga asanas. Well, we have heard of yoga asanas to deal with various health conditions but what about the heat? Believe it or not, there are certain asanas that can actually help bring the body temperature down and make you feel cool from within. All you need is some space, quiet surroundings and a natural environment to do these in. We promise you, even if you perform these in the afternoon, you will feel a sense of calm and cool.

Shavasana or the corpse pose: Did you know that the ultra-relaxing Shavasana is a very effective way to deal with excess heat? This is because in Shavasana you need to relax each part of your body one by one while breathing normally. When you do this, you calm down your mind. This automatically regulates your breathing. This helps in making you feel less stressed mentally and cool.

Shitali pranayama or cool breathing technique: Shitali means cooling and pranayama stands for breathing. Simply put, this breathing technique will make you feel cool by getting rid of excess heat in the body. For this, you need to put your chin down close to your chest, fold your tongue in the shape of the tube and breathe in through your mouth. Gradually breathe out with your nostrils. Do this for about 5-6 times.

Sheetkari pranayama: For this, you will need to touch your tongue to the upper palate, clench your teeth and breathe through your teeth inside. You will immediately feel cool. It is said that you must not do this asana when you have a cold or cough, as this could worsen your condition. Do this when you are in a hot room or in the sun and notice how cool you feel.