International Yoga Day is observed across the world on June 21 to celebrate the ancient, thousands of years old Indian practice for all over well being. Yoga has been known to benefit our health in a number of ways. Regular practise of yoga asanas has been known to help beat obesity, stress, heart diseases, high blood pressure, skin and hair problems etc. Did you know that yoga can also help your body be healthy and strong enough to fight off infections? Yoga can help boost your immunity and significantly reduce the chances of you falling sick especially with seasonal flu, cough and cold. With many parts of the country getting their first showers this month, we are likely to see a rise in the number of people falling sick. Season and weather changes can wreak havoc on your immune system and your body. Those with poor immunity need to definitely incorporate yoga into their lives. Here are some yoga asanas that could help you build stronger immunity. Also Read - Benefits of Kiwi: From Skincare to Treating Asthma - 6 Reasons to Include This Chinese Fruit in Your Diet

Sarvangasana or shoulder stand pose:  This pose is known to help rejuvenate the thyroid glands, adrenal glands, and detoxification of the body by helping eliminate toxins. Also Read - Infected With Novel Coronavirus Once? Know For How Long You Can Remain Immune to it

How to do Sarvangasana: Lie down and raise your legs straight up. Place your palms under your hips and point your toes to the ceiling. Lock your chin into your chest. Hold this pose for as long as you are comfortable. Also Read - Difference In Immunity, Blood Vessel Health Are Few Factors Protecting Kids From Contracting COVID-19

Balasana or child pose: This is a very relaxing and simple yoga asana. This is great for digestion and helping the gut function well.

How to do Balasana: To do this, sit down in vajrasana with your knees on the floor and your butt on the feet. Gradually, slide down your hand forward while extending your body forward. try touching your forehead to the ground. Hold this for 10 seconds.

Make sure to do these yoga asanas only with the proper guidance of a yoga instructor. Along with yoga asanas, do not forget to follow diet tips for a strong immune system.