Can you imagine wearing the same underwear for days? No, right? Well, this piece of news might sound appealing to the lazy ones. A Minnesota-based company called HercLéon has launched a collection of underwear that is not just sustainable but also self-clean. Also Read - Viral Video: Woman Removes Her Underwear to Use As Mask in Supermarket, 'Disgusting', Say Shoppers

The company has described their Kribi underwear as, “Underwear that you could wear for days, weeks, or even months without getting smelly.” Not just underwear, they sell self-cleaning socks, t-shirts, and bedsheets too. The company claims that the self-cleaning underwear can fight bacteria 24*7, ultra-absorbent, breathable and comfortable. Also Read - How Meghan Markle Used Her Pregnancy Announcement Picture to Promote Sustainable Fashion

The description further reads, “Most fabrics are breeding grounds for skin diseases and odor-causing bacteria. So, we created a bacteria-fighting fabric- The HercFiber.” The fabric is made with a blend of Bamboo, Eucalyptus, Beechwood, and Copper fibers. The copper is anti-infection, antibacterial, and stabilizing & healing the skin, and when it’s waved the fabric you get a special sauce that fights your ‘special’ sauce. Also Read - Waste Management, Sustainability and Recycling Will Be the Next Big Thing in Fashion Industry: Pernia Qureshi

The product description further reads, “Kribi continuously destroys all bacteria and stays cleaner. But we do recommend letting them air out for few hours after a day of use. By the time you’ll pick them up the next day, they’ll smell as fresh as unworn underwear,” the product’s description on Indiegogo reads. The company mentions that Kribi is 100 days risk and odor-free.

As per the website, the founder of HercLéon’s- Wenceslaus (Wen) Muenyi thought of this idea while he was on a trip to Iceland. The website reads, “During the trip, Wen only packed one backpack of clothing and very quickly realised that his one backpack wasn’t going to be enough, learning that certain clothes smelled bad after one wear, making the other clothes smell too. Being naturally curious, Wen returned home and started studying textiles and the process that leads to clothes smelling bad.”

“We believe the future of clothing, bedding, and other material-based products is self-cleaning and we’re excited to lead the world towards a naturally cleaner and more eco-friendly future,” it further added.

Although we are moving towards sustainability, the idea of wearing underwear for days without washing it sounds kind of gross.

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