The novel coronavirus has affected more than 2,00,000 people worldwide until now and has claimed the lives of over 8000 individuals. The deadly nature of the virus and the increasing prevalence of the disease have created fear among people. And, now a new report has raised the concern even more. It states that 80 per cent of the coronavirus infected patients are likely to show no symptoms.Also Read - Priyanka Chopra Asks Fans To Stock up Love, Compassion, Kindness Amid Coronavirus Outbreak in This Powerful Video

If this is true, we are in a much worse condition than we think. Symptoms of the infection help us know about the possible condition and suggest us to go for the test. In absence of that, any affected person can unknowingly transmit the virus to his/her family, friends, and others too. Also Read - Amid Depressing Coronavirus Times, Apple Unveils New iPad Pro, MacBook Air in India

According to researchers, most of the patients affected by COVID-19 experience mild symptoms that are similar to the common cold. This situation of hidden infection can act as a barrier in the ongoing measures taken by the government authorities to contain COVID-19. Also Read - Coronavirus in India: Concerns of Community Transmission? 'Not Yet,' Say Doctors

So, even if you are getting a few symptoms and you are living in a high-risk area, you must get yourself checked for the disease. Also, maintain a safe distance from the people around you. Those with fever, cough, and breathing difficulties should seek medical help as soon as possible.

Notably, the total number of coronavirus cases has reached 169 in India. Also, in Iran, 255 Indian nationals tested positive for the novel coronavirus. The other 21 Indian nationals were tested positive in different countries. This has raised the total number of Indian nationals afflicted by COVID-19 to 413. This is what the Ministry of External Affairs confirmed recently in Lok Sabha.

Until now, a total of 14 coronavirus affected persons had been discharged after recovery in the country. And, the number of active cases is 145. Additionally, the affected patients came in contact with more than 5,700 people who are currently under rigorous surveillance.