If you thought Katrina Kaif spends a fortune to keep her peaches-and-cream like complexion glowing all the time, you are wrong! The actress follows a rather simple yet effective beauty hack that gives her face an instant glow. We had earlier shared with your Kat’s skincare and haircare routine, here we share yet another beauty hack that she swears by. The star took to her official Instagram handle to share this beauty hack; ice cold facial. Here’s what Katrina’s very own ice bucket challenge is all about.Also Read - Did Vicky Kaushal Confirm His Wedding With Katrina Kaif? Watch Viral Video of Him at Kat's Home

Katrina Kaif uses this super-effective hack to get glowing skin in the morning. Her morning ritual includes, dunking her face thrice  in a bowl filled with ice cold water. Here is a video of Katrina’s morning beauty ritual. (ALSO READ 7 beauty benefits of using ice cubes on your skin). Also Read - Ahead of VicKat Wedding, Katrina Kaif Spotted Going to Gym; Anita Shroff at Her Residence

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You too can start this morning beauty ritual by filling a bowl with ice cold water, top it with some ice cubes and then pull back your hair to dunk your face in the water for 10 seconds, thrice. (ALSO READ Get gorgeous skin and clean scalp by including baking soda in your skincare routine).

This ice cold facial is not only a great way to kick start your morning, as it wakes you up, but it is popular for the beauty benefits. The ice constricts the blood vessels of your face and increases the blood circulation. It reduces the puffiness and redness of your skin and limits the chances of wrinkles cropping up.

The ice tightens your skin, closes large open pores and reduces oil secretion. If you do it just before you get ready to head out for the day, the ice will also work as a natural primer for your face, as it minimizes the pores. So when you apply foundation or primer, you will notice that the product will glide smoothly on your skin’s surface and also give you a smooth and flawless finish. (ALSO READ Transform your skin and hair by including vodka in your beauty routine!).

Now, who would want to spend a bomb on expensive facials and skincare products, when you can achieve the same effects by the ice cold facial at home!

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