It has been said that cricket is a religion but football is a way of life. An Adrenalin pumping session pitches India’s two most popular games against each other. Columnist, sports journalist, and India’s foremost football commentator and expert Novy Kapadia’s Barefoot to Boots documents the story of Indian football. News editor and anchor Rajdeep Sardesai’s Democracy’s X1: The Great Indian Cricket Story narrates the history of post Independence cricket. The two games reach out to very different segments. Cricket is perceived as having the glamour and eyeballs while football remains a game of the people and by the people. Comparisons between the two games have always aroused deep passions and this exciting session takes us into the heart of the battle. Also Read - 'Confident of Hosting Jaipur Literature Fest in 2021': Producer Sanjay K Roy Hints at Changes in Format Amid COVID-19

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