The Zee Jaipur Literature Festival returned to Colorado this year with a three-day event from September 15 through September 18. JLF has often been referred to as the greatest literary show on earth and for good reason. This year’s program featured nearly 70 guest speakers, including high-profile guests such as Larry Pressler, former Congressman; Alberto Ruy Sanchez, writer and poet; Amber Cantorna, writer and LGBT activist; Amy Stolls, writer; Anne Hillerman, writer and journalist; Anosh Irani, writer; Anita Anand, writer and broadcaster; Irene Vilar, writer and activist; Ishaan Tharoor, journalist; among many others. This free and egalitarian access to these renowned thinkers and writers is a powerful statement in a country where access to such individuals remains the privilege of a few. The ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival provides a potentially life-changing opportunity for audiences from Rajasthan, across India and the world to learn from and exchange ideas with contemporary literary stalwarts. Here is a look at the Morning Music event held at the mindSpark Learning Canyon Theater for Zee JLF Boulder 2017: