Being in a romantic relationship is one of the most beautiful feelings. And, love and trust are the pillars of a relationship. Usually, during the initial days of commitment, people make a lot of promises and things seem fine. However, later everything starts taking an ugly turn especially when your partner cheats on you. Also Read - These Zodiac Signs Struggle to Forget Their ex-Partners

For some people, faithfulness remains the highest priority in a relationship, while others are prone to cheating and being disloyal. A person who is madly in love with you cannot cheat. If he does, it means he was never in love with you. It was just infatuation. And that can easily lead to boredom. Yes, you read it right. Some people can even get bored with their partners and in order to find some excitement and thrill, they start getting romantically involved with a third person. These kinds of people belong to a certain group of zodiac signs. Let’s know about them. Also Read - These Zodiac Signs Are Smartest Liars, Find Out if You Are in The List


People belonging to this sun sign are quite impulsive. They do not take time to think if they are truly in love or is it just a mere infatuation. Also, they always look for excitement in life. A monotonous relationship is something they can’t be in for long. They love the idea of keep falling in love. So, whenever thrill knocks at their doors, they welcome it wholeheartedly without any guilt of cheating their partners. Also Read - Do You Prefer Being Single? Check if You Belong to This Group of Zodiac Signs


Leos constantly need attention and love. They want to be pampered and appreciated all the times. This can be quite difficult for their partners. Also, Leos have a fierce temper. They can have love affairs in order to satisfy their ego. Additionally, they just cannot reject praise. So, when a person shows interest in them or shows attraction, they feel unable to let it go.


Libras are quite manipulative and are perfect in the art of deception. They feel difficulty in expressing their discomfort or frustration to their partners. So, they look for someone else, with whom they can share their feelings. That’s when they tend to cheat. Also, they love sophistication and beauty. If you have these traits in you, a Libra man won’t pass without hitting on you.