New Delhi: With six phases of Lok Sabha elections already over, now RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav has trained his guns on friend-turned-foe and Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.Also Read - Bihar Teenager Nitish Kumar Gets 82 Teeth Removed in Rare Surgery

In a Facebook post in which he has addressed Kumar as his ‘younger brother’, Lalu says that it appears the CM has grown a dislike for light (lantern being the election symbol of RJD). “You do not know but the lantern is synonymous with light which is a symbol of love and brotherhood. It is a tool to remove darkness from the lives of the poor.

“We have removed the darkness of disparity, discrimination, hatred and oppression with the light of our lantern. In contrast, your symbol (arrow) is a weapon of violence. It is synonymous with violence,” says Lalu. Also Read - Bihar Unlock News Today: Covid-19 Curbs Eased From Today | What's Open, What's Shut

He goes on to remind Kumar that everyone needs light. Even lamps and bulbs can provide light but sufficient light to remove the darkness of unemployment, oppression, hatred, atrocities, injustice and inequality can come only from the lantern (RJD). Also Read - Bihar Unlock: Nitish Kumar Eases Covid Restrictions From June 23, All Offices to Remain Open

One has to sacrifice oneself to bring light unto others, he says. “One has to put aside differences to overcome racism and communalism.” However, attacking Kumar, he says, “What would you know of ideological and theoretical principles? You are an opportunist who prefers a shortcut.”

Taking a jibe at Kumar over his election symbol, Lalu says, “The days of arrow are over. It will now be found only in museums whereas our lantern will continue to be of use. It will burn brighter than before because you have attacked 11 crore poor people with your treacherous arrows. Now you are free to aim your arrows at the lotus (BJP) or hide them in the swamp surrounding it. Your wish.”