Lucknow: Former MP Atiq Ahmed, who was poised to fight the Lok Sabha elections against PM Narendra Modi in Varanasi as an Independent candidate, has decided to withdraw his nomination, said reports.

In a letter issued to the media, Atiq explained that he was forced to do so as he had not been granted parole by the court. He also added that he was not going to put his weight behind any candidate. In his application in court, Atiq had sought three weeks’ parole so that he could campaign for his election. His application had pointed out that while he is behind the bars, he will not be able to campaign even though it was his democratic right to contest elections.

Atiq Ahmed, after nomination as an Independent candidate, had filed for parole application so he could campaign. First, the MP, MLA Court, and then the high court rejected his appeal. His election agent, Advocate Shahnawaz Alam, released the letter written by Atiq from Naini Jail on Sunday.

The letter talks about his decision to withdraw his candidature. It says while democracy was deep-rooted in India, there were people who wanted to end democracy and bring Hitler’s rule.

The letter appeals to the voters to defeat such communal forces. Meanwhile, since the electoral process has been completed, Atiq’s name and election symbol would be found on ballot roll.

It must be noted that Atiq is in jail for ruckus at Allahabad’s SHUATS university. In other cases on him, Atiq is out on bail.