New Delhi: Claiming to speak from experience as he was part of NDA once, Rashtriya Lok Samata Party chief Upendra Kushwaha, who left the alliance a while back, made some controversial remarks about BJP on Thursday. (Catch Lok Sabha Elections 2019 Action Here)

A video doing the rounds shows Kushwaha addressing a rally in Darbhanga, Bihar, where he can be heard saying, “I have seen it very closely. I was with the NDA. BJP is different in what it is inside and what it is outside.”

He goes on to explain the “dual face” of BJP with an analogy. He says, “People of this area are fond of Ramlila and they will know. During Ramlila, when the person who plays Sita ji comes on the stage, everyone bows with respect. But if you go backstage and pull up the curtain, you would see the same Sita ji having a cigarette. This is the face of the BJP.”

“It’s corrupt inside,” he continues, “but outside it takes the form of god. They put the godly face for people but I have seen the face with the cigarette when I was in the NDA.”

The RLSP chief quit NDA in December last year, over resentment with BJP following a seat-sharing arrangement with Nitish Kumar for these Lok Sabha elections.

In a letter to PM Modi, he reportedly said, “I stand dejected and betrayed by your leadership.”

Then, early this year, while speaking to reporters in Patna, Kushwaha had alleged that Chief Minister Nitish Kumar plotted his murder. He said, “Nitish Kumar plotted to kill me. I was attacked during the Raj Bhawan march. I demand that the incident should be probed by a judge (of the Patna High Court) immediately.”

He alleged an FIR was filed against him and 250 others by the Bihar CM.

On February 2, Kushwaha and half-a-dozen RLSP activists were injured in a police lathi-charge during party’s ‘Aakrosh March’ in Patna. Kushwaha had sustained injuries in his head, leg and hand.