New Delhi: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) official spokesperson Sambit Patra on Saturday called out Navjot Singh Sidhu for his “bride who cooks less..” and ‘kale angrez’ remarks at Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The BJP spokesperson said, “Sidhu’s remarks were reflective of Congress’ mentality which is not only racist but also sexist.”

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Coming down heavily upon the Congress leader for his ‘kale angrez’ jibe at the Centre, the BJP spokesperson said, “In his ‘kale angrez’ dig, Sidhu has targeted not only PM Modi but also “Hindustanis”. He added, “so what if PM Modi is dark is complexion, but has a heart of gold; he is the caretaker of the poor in our country.” Addressing a press conference in the national capital, Samit Patra asked the gathering, “Modiji is ‘kale angrez’ and Sonia Gandhi (UPA Chairperson) is Indian, where is the justice?”

Earlier in the day, Navjot Singh Sidhu equated Narendra Modi with a bride who pretends to do work. “Modi Ji uss dulhan ki tarah hain jo roti kum baelti hai aur chudiyaan zada khankati hai taaki mohalle walon ko yeh pata chale ki woh kaam kar rahi hai. Bas yahi hua hai Modi sarkaar mein. (Modiji is like that bride who makes less rotis but makes more noise with bangles so that the neighbourhood knows she is working. This is exactly what has happened in the Narendra Modi government),” Navjot Sidhu said in Indore. Sidhu also referred to the ruling BJP as the ‘kale angrez’ while urging the people of Indore to oust them out of power. “Congress is the party that gave freedom to the country; it is the party of Maulana Azad and Mahatma Gandhi. They gave us freedom from the white and the people of Indore will free this country from ‘Kale Angrez’ (black Britishers),” Sidhu had remarked.

Sidhu had also levelled another attack at PM Modi where he called him “Liar-in-Chief, Divider-in-Chief and Business Manager of Ambani and Adani.”

This came after The TIME magazine featured PM Modi on the cover of its international editions – Europe, Middle East and Africa, Asia and South Pacific – with a controversial headline “India’s Divider in Chief” while the US edition has a cover story on Democrat Elizabeth Warren who is running for the White House in 2020.