New Delhi: Amid several reports predicting that Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) may fail to win a simple majority in Lok Sabha, party’s National General Secretary Ram Madhav on Tuesday said that based on the ground report from their cadres, BJP will be able to do as good as it did in 2014 Lok Sabha elections, if not better.

Speaking to news agency ANI, Madhav said that he did not want to indulge in psephology, but his party, as a part of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), will be having a good majority to run another stable government for the next five years.

“Based on the ground report that we get from our cadres, BJP will be able to do as good as it has done in 2014 if not better. And together with NDA, we will be having a good majority to run another stable govt,” said Madhav.

As per several reports, Madhav had acknowledged that BJP was facing losses in the North Indian states it swept clean in 2014. Saying so he added that BJP will make up for these with new gains in the northeast, as well as in the eastern states of West Bengal and Odisha.

The BJP National General Secretary also remarked on a number of other statements made by the Opposition leaders against PM Modi. On Mamata Banerjee’s remark ‘I don’t consider Narendra Modi as PM,’ Madhav called it unfortunate and said that for her everything was politics, there’s no civility in discourse. “It’s ‘jungle raj’ and dictatorship in Bengal, violence so much so that EC is forced to deploy central forces at polling booths,” he added.

Coming to Shashi Tharoor’s tweet on Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, Madhav said it was a well-established fact now that he (Tharoor) had a lot of love for the neighbours and hate for our leaders. He added, “He uses choicest abuses for our leaders, and he has a great love for people across the border. He has to think what he is doing is right or not.”