Varanasi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday lamented that a wrong impression had been created about Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) through lies and wrong logic. Decrying the “misconception” that the BJP was a Hindi heartland party, PM Modi said the BJP’s victory in the recently-concluded Lok Sabha polls was a testament of the “chemistry over arithmetic”.

Admitting that politics is about perception, Modi said, “Because of this wrong awful perception, people do not like standing with us. But those creating bad and wrong perception can be defeated with the help of transparency and hard work. This is the strategy to trounce it.”

The Prime Minsiter said “There is no region where the BJP’s poll percentage is not rising. We have a government in Assam, getting elected in Ladakh yet political pundits say (our’s is) Hindi heartland politics, this is a misconception that has been created.”

“Political pundits are not aware that their thinking and logic is meant for the 20th century. Results show that beyond arithmetic there is chemistry and this time chemistry has triumphed over arithmetic,” the Prime Minister told his electorate while thanking them profusely for their hardwork and dedication.

“For the country, I am the PM, but for you, I am your MP, I am your sevak,” he told the Varanasi electorate, wondering how political pundits still consider his party as that of the Hindi heartland.

Modi who will be taking oath as the prime minister for the second time on May 30, said the hat trick of victories in 2014, 2017 and 2019 – vis-a-vis the state – is no mean achievement for the BJP.

Thanking party workers profusely for braving the sweltering summer heat to reach out to the electorate and for ensuring that campaign goes on smoothly, Modi said the workers have passed the test with distinction.

Stressing on coordination between the government and party organisation, he said, “the perfect synergy between the government and party organisation was a big power and the BJP has realised it.”

“The Government makes policies while organisation makes ranniti (strategy). The synergy of niti (policies) and ranniti (strategy) is the mirror of sarkar and organisation and the country is getting its benefits,” he said.

“Work and workers create wonders,” he said, giving full credit for his victory to the workers at the grassroots level for creating awareness of his government’s policies and programmes for the people.

Modi, who earlier in the day took part in the ‘puja’ at the Kashi Vishwanath temple in thanksgiving for his party’s landslide victory, also spoke about the dangers faced by his party in the form of “political untouchability”.

“Take the cases of Kerala or Kashmir, Bengal or Tripura (these cases) it will not come in media. Some people have selective sensitivity. Hundreds of workers have been killed only for political ideology. In Tripura workers were hanged, in Bengal murders are still on, in Kerala too… Perhaps in India, only one political party has faced such killings. Violence has been given legitimacy. This is danger before us,” he pointed out.

Ambedkar and Gandhi had shunned untouchability but unfortunately, political untouchability is rising,…BJP workers were murdered,” he said. His remarks assumed significance in the light of the killing of a BJP leader in Amethi in the first post-poll violence in Uttar Pradesh.

Amid such hatred, BJP’s mantra remains ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas’ Modi said adding that unlike others, his party has not come under the pressure of vote bank politics which has “spoiled” democracy.

The prime minister said he was also grateful to his opponents who fought against him. Stressing on the significance of Opposition in democracy, he said, “When others come to power, there is no sign of opposition”.

He cited the example of Tripura where there was no Opposition during the 30 years of Congress government but “now that we are in government there is a ‘jaandar and shandar vipaksh’. This is the spirit of democracy.”

(With PTI inputs)